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Radio Gets Wild presents the Gold Award for 2007
for an outstanding Album Kid Bludo

The Post Star

Saving us all with screaming chords. Kid Bludo “Up and Away”. Kid Bludo is the muscled superhero out to save the world with ‘80s metal on his side. Once a boy who could shred a mean guitar, he was electrocuted mid-riff. Though his life was spared and senses enhanced, the kid would never melt another face with the blinding speed of a heavy metal demagogue.

Luckily, the Kid’s namesake band has formed to do it for him. Dio as my witness, my face is melting as I type this. Kid Bludo, the band, is all local but the specifics are difficult to trace. A web bio says “parts unknown” and that’ll have to do. The foursome features Chuck “Sirr Charles” Woodard sharing the mic with Jennifer “Rox” Herbs. Jim O’Brien wields the steel-stringed axe and Donny Howland beats the skins.

Forget Poison, Dokken and Dream Theater. Those guys had their turn. Unplug the respirator and let them drift away peacefully. There’s a new superhero in town armed with some rock for the rest of us. The band is epic rock with an opera metal twist.

KID BLUDO- The Superhero

"Can you imagine my surprise and delight when I took this CD for a spin. This album is for anyone who loves 80's rock and wants to hear some new songs with an updated sound. The music has not only helped my crime fighting abilities, but also my mojo with the ladies. If you want chicks and super powers, you must purchase this album immediately!"

Beowolf Productions

I wasn't sure what to expect with these guys, just from the bands name! KID BLUDO play a mixture of Hard Rock & Heavy Metal music. There is a classic Hard Rock vibe through out their music, but they add in lots of heavier parts that roam into the Heavy Metal field. They have a bit of Doom elements mixed within as well. There are times when the music & vocals go a little bit melodic too. The vocals are done in a few styles just like the music. The main vocals are done in a mid ranged Hard Rock Metal clean style with some lower harsher close to Death Metal ones. They also add in the flavoring of female melodic vocals to mix things up. This bands has a lot of variety & talent. Don't over look this band, cause the name doesn't fir the music style!

KID BLUDO sounds like the flying superhero it is about...Anyhow, in opener “Stand in Line” it is heavier than I expected with an almost thrashy chorus – surprise! The title track starts out in TRIUMPH fashion, but soon mixes heavy riffs with softer parts sung by Jennifer Herbs. She shares vocal duties with Chuck Woodard with quite good effect. 80´s rock with a modern sound the KID BLUDO way is melodies and arrangements in the direction of CONEY HATCH and TRIUMPH, but with both harsh and soft vocals. The biggest surprise is the almost thrashy guitar work and the heavy bass lines, it must be the modern touches…


MetalCore Fanzine

…I had no idea what to expect when I played this and I admit I was surprised. The music is rock n roll with a metal edge to it. Sort of like older Firehouse (who I love) in spots. Don't let the name fool yeah, this is some well played melodic rock n roll that is worthy of more than just a casual listen…

The Brock N’ Roll Blog

I just discovered a new band in the Capital District, that pretty much knocked me out. They are progressive rock, the type of music I mostly love to listen to. They are a new band called, Kid Bludo. They remind me of Dream Theater, very much. Kid Bludo is one of the most original rock bands in the Capital District other than Acoustic Trauma. I want to try to see Kid Bludo live at a show sometime.

Strutter Zine

… the music is pretty good and very melodic, thanks to a great male and female singer. The band has been influenced by bands like DOKKEN, DREAM THEATER, BOSTON, RUSH, JOURNEY and QUEENSRYCHE, but do not expect something along those lines, because it is much more something we heard from quite a few other US bands in the underground scene, combining quite heavy guitar riffs of classic 80s style with strong catchy hooks and melodic choruses, however still with a typical modern approach in sound/production. KID BLUDO is a band to check out if you like Melodic Hardrock a la PINK CREAM 69/DAVID READMAN/EDEN'S CURSE etc…

Metroland Online

The new superheroes of rock. '80s throwback essence with modern upgrade; male and female lead vocals mixed with pumping drums and killer guitar

KID BLUDO deals with lots of Rock influ ences - Two singers present a narrative/poetic/cinematic point of view in KID BLUDO's music. Chuck Woodard is a mix of Blaze Bayley (ex-WOLFSBANE/IRON MAIDEN), Graham Bonnet (ALCATRAZZ, RAINBOW) and 'furious' Lou Reed. Jennifer Herbs, on the other hand, seems keen on the 'chanting' harmonies in singing, bringing to mind some of THE BEATLES or (early) HEART/JOURNEY/Jennifer Rush singing process. A weird combo, huh? As for the band's music: bring on some huge cauldron and throw some VAN HALEN, RUSH, BOSTON, DOKKEN, HUMBLE PIE and (late) QUEENSRYCHE in…

Keys & Chords

...brought me back in 1978 when the Canadian band Heart just scored a big hit with "Magic Man." Not that Jennifer Herbs sings exactly the same as the Wilson sisters, but they know perfectly how to use her voice in this kind of music. It is not the only vocal contribution in this band. Chuck 'SiRR' Charles Woodard also lends a helping hand as a singer in a perfect harmony with Jennifer…

Jen's Metal Page

…the music is 80's metal rock with the 90's and 00's thrown in there as well. Vocals are clean…reminds me of the 80's radio rock bands, Journey, Boston, and I would even throw Queensryche in there as well. Their ballad Only Time, reminds me of all the good 80's hair metal ballads that are out there…

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