Rock For The Rest of Us!

KID BLUDO Flying High with release of "UP & AWAY"

Can you imagine what it would be like if Queensryche, Dokken, and Dream Theatre, crossed paths with Boston, Journey, and Rush…today…morphing into one new group? Now add a splash of Evanescence and top it off with today's state of the art engineering. What would the songs sound like?

KID BLUDO is determined to answer these questions with the release of “UP & AWAY”. The band set out to create a work that brings back the great melodies, passion, and power of 80's rock with a new twist and with an updated sound.


OBEE Records is proud to announce this new CD release and reaches out to original fans of 80's rock, as well as new fans who are hungry for a fresh sound with a familiar feel.

Rock For The Rest Of Us

Musical trends have changed quite a bit since the days when the 80's rock style was mainstream. A time when singers sang, guitarists played lead solos, bassists were edgy, and drummers wailed. When you loved every single tune on an album. The great melodies, harmonies, and hooks seem to have fallen wayside, replaced with styles like rap, grundge, and the new alternative. Not to say that other musical styles do not have great artists, songs, and fans…but what about the rest of us?

It seems as though the large record companies have forgotten about this rather large group of 80's rock fans. Maybe they feel that they can feed us anything, and we have to like it.

The release of “UP & AWAY” pays tribute to the 80's era of music, including its great bands and loyal fans. KID BLUDO was given total creative control to produce this work on their own terms, to write an album that would truly represent “Rock for The Rest of Us!

So How Does it Sound?

Glad you asked!

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